Grandview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center


Whether you're looking for occupational therapy or physical therapy, come to Grandview Nursing and Rehab for excellent care close to home. Our offerings are flexible to meet your needs: come for scheduled outpatient therapy or stay with us for several months during long-term therapy.

We accommodate residents needing various levels of care, from long-term inpatient rehabilitation to short-term and outpatient resident therapy. We specialize in aggressive short-term therapy designed to return a patient to independence as quickly as is safely possible. For motivated patients who are capable of intense therapy we offer up to four separate therapy sessions each weekday, followed by single therapy sessions on Saturday and Sunday.

Under supervision from physicians and licensed nurses, our therapists develop individual care plans in consultation with each patient. We follow up the individual plan with daily consultation; our entire team is focused on helping our residents achieve their recovery goals.

As recovery progresses, we gladly assist in planning for end-of-treatment discharge. We work for a smooth transition back to home or a lower level of care. Our therapists are glad to visit a patient's home before discharge and make recommendations to help accommodate the patient's new needs.

In addition to our therapy program, we also have a dedicated restorative care CNA on staff 7 days a week.

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